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Sandgate DUI Drink Driving Lawyers

Posted By Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer  
12:59 PM

The Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer team successfully applied for a DUI Drink Driving work licence for a client at Sandgate Magistrates Court recently.

The client was charged with Drink Driving with a blood alcohol concentration reading of 0.070.

Work licences can be tricky to obtain if the right information is not presented correctly to the Magistrate.

There are many instances where work licences are not granted where the wrong representation was chosen.

The client had consumed alcohol and made a poor decision to drive.

The client’s job role heavily relied upon driving, therefore, if the client was not granted a work licence it would not have been possible to maintain a meaningfully functioning life.

We successfully had the work licence granted, which permits the client to drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DUI Drink Driving Work Licence applicants who fail to put comprehensive information and submissions to the Magistrate frequently fail and end up with their DUI Work Licence being refused.

With our experience with traffic law, we were able to achieve a great outcome.

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