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Drink Driving Lawyers - Brisbane.

Our high range drink driving lawyers in Brisbane can assist with all your drug driving offences, DUI, dangerous driving and other traffic related notices. Our renowned legal team can provide expert representation locally at Brisbane Magistrates Court, Brisbane District Court and Brisbane Supreme Court. We also service all of the South East Queensland jurisdictions should you be located outside of the Brisbane area. At Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer, we understand the pressure involved in being charged with a drink driving, drug related or general traffic related offence. You can rely on us to help you with all the legal requirements necessary to put your mind at ease during the entire application process.

Traffic Offence & Drug Driving Lawyers - East Brisbane

If you have been issued with a notice to appear in court, you can trust the best drink driving lawyers and traffic lawyers in Brisbane to get you through this tough time.

Simply give us a call for a confidential chat about your circumstances and our legal team will be there to help ease any of your worries and concerns. Notices to appear are issued for a range of driving offences include low, mid to high range drink driving and drug related driving offences. If you have been charged with low to mid range drink driving, there’s a high chance of obtaining a Drink Driving Work Licence, which allows you to continue driving during your licence disqualification period. This however, can only be issued for work purposes only. Depending on your unique situation, our qualified legal team can advise you on the best way to move forward.

Are you experiencing some hardship?

Our Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer team can also assist with Queensland Transport suspension notices and a Special Hardship Order in Brisbane; should you be financially struggling to make ends meet. If you’re looking to avoid jail time or simply reducing your disqualification period, our leading legal team can also find solutions to best help with your individual needs.

Let our professional legal team help you with your special hardship licence in Brisbane. Contact our local DUI lawyer and cheap drink driving lawyers in the Brisbane area on 1300 090 210 for a confidential chat today.