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Drink Driving Lawyers - Gold Coast.

The Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer team can obtain positive outcomes for a range of low to high range drink driving offences on the Gold Coast. Every individual circumstance is different therefore our aim is to help you achieve the best possible result that will get you back on the road faster. Whether you are charged with unlicensed driving, licence disqualification, driving under the influence of drugs or high range drink driving, our qualified legal team can get you through the entire process stress free. Our vigorous representation is highly professional and we pride ourselves on our in depth understanding of drink driving, dangerous driving and drug related laws surrounding. Our goal is to ensure only the best outcome for your circumstances and avoid the possibility of jail time and long-term licence suspensions.

Call the Best Drink Driving Lawyers on the Gold Coast

If you have recently been charged with a drink driving offence, contact our DUI lawyer on the Gold Coast for fast, professional and efficient representation.  Our high success rate speaks for itself. With drink driving on the rise, it pays to see a specialist lawyer in this area. The Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer team can also help you with charges of Careless and Dangerous Driving by getting the disqualification down as low as possible; and in some instances, avoiding a licence disqualification all together.

Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer can help you with the following matters:

  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Drive Without Due Care & Attention
  • Unlicensed/Suspended/Disqualified Driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Queensland Transport Suspension Notices
  • Drug Offences

Notice To Appear In Court

Notices to Appear are issued for a variety of driving offences. Should you have received one recently, you will need to appear at the relevant court location stipulated on the notice, at the specific date. We are the cheap drink driving lawyers on the Gold Coast that can help you with all low, mid to high drink driving charges.  Losing your licence and potentially facing jail time can be a challenging time for many. Let us alleviate that stress for you.

If you’re looking for the best traffic offence lawyers on the Gold Coast, call our team at Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer today on 1300 090 210 or alternatively