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Noosa Drug Driving Lawyer

Posted By Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer  
14:50 PM

The Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyer team achieved a very good outcome for a client at Noosa Magistrates Court recently.

Our client was charged with driving with a Relevant Drug Present in their saliva.

This charge is the more minor of the 2 drug driving charges, the alternate being Driving Whilst Under the Influence of a Drug.

The issue the court was concerned with was the level of history our client had.

He had previously received Probation for evading police and possessing drugs within the last 5 years, and he had also spent a considerable amount of time off the road during his life due to prior licence disqualifications.

This was his 11th time before the court for driving or drug related offences.

The disqualification range for a first time offender is from the mandatory minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 9 months.

The mandatory minimums and maximums increase where there is previous offending.

The court also has the option to impose Probation or imprisonment for persons with a lengthy history like our client.

Given our client's lengthy history, our job was as much about avoiding imprisonment as it was getting the licence disqualification down as low as possible.

We were successful in persuading the Magistrate not to go past a 2 month licence disqualification.

Our client received a disqualification and fine only, no imprisonment or Probation.

With our experience with traffic law, we were able to achieve a great outcome.

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